Striped Bass

At Cortes Outfitters, we specialize in catching stripers all year round. We use our boats to target stripers on fly and light spin-gear from April to December, with peak months for fishing being May/June and October/November. During July and August, school-sized stripers can usually be found in the back bay.


“Bluefish… We absolutely adore them! During spring, we have a fantastic run of large bluefish on the flats in the bay. These fish swim in groups and even form a daisy chain like tarpon. They swim in shallow waters, often tailing like bonefish. And when you manage to catch them, hold on tight! These fish jump and tail-walk, making for an exciting time.  Arguably the perfect shallow-water target.

False Albacore 

Albies are incredibly cool. They move fast and are full of adrenaline. When they start chasing bait, you have to get up close to them and cast your line, but even then, they can be too quick for you. Sometimes, they’ll swim a quarter-mile away from you before you can catch up. But if you manage to get close enough and cast your line, it’s pure awesomeness when the water explodes and your line starts ripping across the water while the drag sings

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